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Purchasing Requirements

We have had to set some standards for buying our animals. We are not a puppy or pony mill - we love each little critter and nothing pleases us more than to hear from a happy owner of one of our animals.

For Mini Horses you must show that you have land enough and suitable shelter for them as well as the means or talent to keep them vaccinated, hoofs trimmed, well fed and cared for. We will not put green horses with families with children unless the adults are capable of handling them.

Our Yorkies are tiny animals and accidents do happen to them. We will not sell them to families with young or undisiplined and untrained children. Just picking one up wrong can break it's neck or back. You should be able to show a level of comfortableness with the pups and be willing to use gentle training. If you hit a pup to break it of a bad habit you may literally break it and you are out your investment.

Most of all, you must be willing to make the investment in TIME to handle, love and train your animal. We will provide lessons for the mini horses at a resonable rate if you need them but we need to know before the deal is done that you CAN correctly halter, bridle, lead, groom and feed our minis. That someone will be available to housebreak the puppies (if they aren't already) and train them to a collar and light leash.

When we send an animal home with strangers we have to feel comfortable that they will be loved and cared for always. We will try to work with you to that end.

Thank you for understanding, Cindy Codling, Trainer.

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