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Cindy & Star

           Circle Pine Miniature Horses
           We got more heavily into minis because, after Sunae joined our family, I raised 4 beautiful Quarter Horse Fillies but they didn't sell for what I had invested in them. Someone brought a mini weanling to that auction and it sold for as much or more as my yearling and 3 two year olds.

I found out that mini-horses are much less work and expense to care for. They use 1/4 the food, 1/4 the grain, and make 1 /4 the manure of a large horse. They can pull up to three times their body weight which means two average adults in a cart on level ground is not too much for them. And the selling prices cover your expenses more often with a mini.

My fairer came by one day and told me about a place I could buy a mini stallion. Dexter came home with us. He had good manners but no training. Then hurry up and get another mini size cart and get busy! He is the best horse on the farm now.

With mini rescues, purchases and babies we now have 17 mini's and Marcus, our mini donkey. Most of them are broken to cart. We are breeding for size and temperment as well as color. We are always hoping to produce the smallest, best natured and prettiest mini.

All of our animals are imprinted at birth. Imprinting means they are handled on their ears, teeth have their feet picked up, petted all over, groomed gently and have a trimmer run on them. The results are amazing as they are not afraid of people or handling as they grow up.

Most or our minis are registered with the A.M.H.R. and/or A.M.H.A.. Some rescued ones are unregistered. Our breeders are or can be D.N.A. tested. Their health care program includes: regular testing, hoof trimming, worming, and vaccinations. Each is handled twice a day at a minimum and trained for carts or riding.

An American Miniature Horse Association registered horse cannot be taller than 34 inches at the withers. The Miniature horses of today are the product of nearly 400 years of selected breeding. A weanling should be under 30"; Yearling - 32"; 2 yr.old - 33". For the American Miniature Horse Registry they have size classes. Class A (up to 34), Class B (34"- 38"), and Pony classes.

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