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Cowboy Nate

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       Welcome to Circle Pine

     Welcome to our home on the web! I am Cindy Codling and I train horses. I am what I call a born horse person. For as long as I can remember I dreamed of having my own horse and a house in the country. When you come to Circle Pine Horse Training you are walking in my dreamland. It's full of mini horses and more.

We lived in town when I was young and did not own horses but I named any that I saw while riding in the car. Then I would fight with my sister if she tried to claim MY horses. When I was 11 we moved to the country and had 3 acres. I started getting critters; A rabbit, a billy goat, 10 chickens, a cow, raccoons, birds; Whatever else I could find and talk my parents into.

Then Dad found us a pony that someone didn't want any more. Spike was a blue roan pony. He was pretty small and I wasn't. My younger sister, also a horse nut, was his main rider. Lucky for me, Dad found a larger Black pony, Comanche. He was mine! Now I was happy! We had no tack so we rode bare back. I think the reason they call it bare back is that we wore the hair off the ponies backs and they got bare spots that looked like little English saddles.

Later, I met a boy and married. To see how we got here see About Us. We hope you enjoy your visit!   Cindy Codling, Trainer